Aug 242013
Mentorship - Heroes past & present

This terrific anecdote was part of a chapter in a book that I’m reading with tremendous interest and passion —  the topic is Mentorship & how much it truly matters.

Here it is —

‘The most unlikely of nobodies comes from a small town in the middle of nowhere. Strange circumstances take him from his home and throw him into some conflict that has the future of the world hanging in the balance. Somehow, it is up to him to save us all.’

‘He meets many friends along his path, and they each have something special to teach him about himself, life, or the world. In the end, when the conflict comes to its peak, he finds that he is uniquely qualified ( because of who he is, where he comes from, and what he’s been through ) to come up with a crazy solution that will make everything right in the universe. So, with God’s help, he does.’

” … hero stories … have been among the most influential movers of society.”

Have you been a hero in someone’s narrative?

Can you cite a hero-mentor from one of the books you’ve recently read who impacted you through his/her words, long since written down, with him/her long since gone?

There is so much knowledge in our world that lies fallow in an open field, or buried under rocks, or perhaps a level or two below the waves on the surface of the water. Go after it! Be a life student, then mentor the next generation and lead them to the same transformational lessons which shaped your life.

It is a honour and a privilege to be a mentor, and I plan to accelerate my game plan and mentor many more men & women, of all ages, in parallel as I grow myself personally.

Have a fantastic day!

Feb 102013
Johari Window & LIFE Coaching - Define, Learn, Do -

The Johari Window is a very insightful & enlightening look into the mind, will, & heart of a person, is it not?

For me, its elegant simplicity is what stands out – one shouldn’t have to have certifications or degrees to be able to understand, learn from, and then apply needed changes into his/her/their lives using a model such as this.

Personal growth & change is something that all of us should embrace warmly, for we are imperfect people swimming daily in a world awash with data, which is not always information; what makes it through the filters to be considered information is far from always quality (wheat) info; and even if it is world class/gold medal “wheat”, it is not always communication.

I am most interested in the upper right quadrant/box for this post — since I’d break down Life (or Christian Life/Business) Coaching to a base definition of helping someone identify his/her blind spot(s), and then going forward with them, in a ‘walk a mile, see a mile‘ approach, to help them address it/them, which, over an adult time frame, will then lead to him/her living a more significant/quality life.

Blind spots are nothing that cannot be healed, addressed, or improved; what helps a Life Coach such as me to address the  is to educate the person(s) on the Define, Learn, Do model of personal growth/change.

Define => What do you want out of life?  What’s your why? Or, put even better, how can I help you live the life you’ve always wanted?

Learn => Let’s connect you with world class information: books, audio (CD, mp3’s), DVDs, You Tube vid clips, & streaming live, or in person events to help you read, listen, & positively associate with those who share your why & wants/needs. Learn from the information & them along the way. Realize that the power of compounding & a long term vision are imperative in this step.

Do => As you learn something from the association & the ‘be the example’ mentor / LIFE coach, do what he/she/they are doing or have done. They’ve blazed the trail through the forest, and given you the map to get you from your “Point A” (present) to your desired “Point Z” (future), so simply follow it and be a humble, hungry, and open minded student.

Along the way, there will likely be course corrections, stumbles, mistakes, & perhaps even some back tracking to get back on the map’s trail. Do not ever quit!  Quitting is the polar opposite of success; failure is but a teachable moment(s) and never defines you as a person. After all, your blind spot(s) quite likely did not develop in your upper right quadrant in a single day, so like stated above, have an adult time frame ( think: it takes 9 months for a new life to be born, and roughly 4 years to get a professional track under-grad degree ) & stick to the game plan!

Over the past 2+ years of my own journey, which led to wrapping a business around my purpose ( which is to serve 10,000 people over 10 years by being a messenger & a conduit to top quality/ ‘wheat’  information & being a glass cleaner/candle to light a path & serve first, always ), I’ve run into blind spots of my own, and being a student always attracts teachers who want to coach or mentor others. I’ve had this bountiful blessing in this time, and I consider it a privilege and honour to pay it forward to as many as I can.

The Johari Window, combined with Define-Learn-Do, and applied through tuning out information that is not adding value (‘noise’/’chaff’, such as much of what the mass media offers up on a daily basis) and replacing the latter with a focus on your core senses ( reading=eyes; listening=ears; association=touch) will calibrate the below equation’s inputs, and get you to “Point Z”.




Have the best day of your life ahead & be of great cheer!

Jul 152012

There has been plenty written about how small changes can and do lead to huge differences in results. One such example is the sliver between very hot water, at 211 degrees Fahrenheit, and boiling water, at just one degree, 212, higher.

Success works the exact same way. Recently, I had the privilege to re-listen to an audio by accomplished entrepreneur Marc Militello . In it, he discussed three topics which have been explored in depth before, however, when combined together for someone who wants to improve his/her personal or professional development, or both, that degree of difference can be bridged even easier.

My transcribed notes below in this post are a bundle of Mr. Militello’s original thoughts as espoused on the audio along with my interpretation/wording.

AREA 1 : Time Management









There are 86,400 seconds in each and every day. In order to use them wisely, be sure to ask the question, ‘Is this the best use of my time?’ before doing anything.  A book recommendation [ note: I haven’t yet read it- it’s on my bookshelf ] that he made:  ‘Eat That Frog!’ by Brian Tracy.

AREA 2 : Self Improvement | Development






Anyone who wants more out of their LIFE should chart out a course of lifestyle change that develops the inner core and helps one deal with the outward circumstances that come at us daily. Self-help, self-improvement/development cannot be taken for granted in a world where intellectual and social capital are both in unlimited need.

Reading great books ( such as ‘Rascal‘ ), being a hungry student ( seeking out and applying lessons and principles from a coach/guru/mentor ), joining a tribe/community that focuses on leadership growth & positive association, & giving your best in all you do are all part and parcel of this area. Additionally, the tale of two woodcutters is recommended reading.

AREA 3 : Daily Discipline






The final area is discipline. We’ve all heard about this one before!  Discipline, however, should not be viewed in a negative light or with emotion; discipline for success may bring with it some pain and discomfort, however, it is only with pain and stretching oneself out of his/her familiar zone that will lead to lasting success.

The ‘Do It Now’ principle will be a big help with overcoming bad habits, primarily procrastination, fear, and risk-averseness.

The Parable of the Touchstone is a great visual to help with re-programming your subconscious mind to deal with the changes you’ll experience in this area. Imagine finally having the touchstone, and then tossing it into the sea like all the other stones, just out of rote habit!


May your have nothing but success moving the needle on your leadership thermometer to 212!