Aug 082012

As I was finishing up a book ( ‘1913‘ ) a few days ago, in the final chapter, I saw a reference to these four desires that most any of us have in our lives:


  • Happiness

  • Prosperity

  • Freedom






As I read on through the final pages, the author is quoted as saying:

“Without freedom, the other free are much more difficult. Freedom makes purpose and prosperity possible, and it greatly enhances each person’s pursuit of happiness.”   – Oliver DeMille

I completely agree w/ him.

On my leadership journey, which I’ve anchored to a robust self-directed education, I have been blessed and fortunate to discover how crucial knowing your purpose is; in fact, it’s an anchor resolution in the MFC within my leadership/LIFE coaching business ( ) & as Viktor Frankl advised, you “detect” your purpose.

We then move to Happiness.

Goodness, that word can be (and is) defined so many different ways. I happen to believe that it is often confused with pleasure; additionally, it is also often tied to material things rather than higher levels of motivation.  Oh, and lest we forget that many want to ‘microwave’ their success and have it come out 60 seconds later as happiness.  However, let’s tie Happiness back to the era of our Founding Fathers and how it was laid out as a right in the landmark Declaration of Independence :






‘The pursuit of’ = the journey; the chase; the ‘walk a mile: see a mile’ ..   THAT is happiness. Level 2 motivation can drive true happiness through  earning respect & recognition, let alone the pinnacle motivation driver, Level 3, which is creation of Destiny, Legacy, and (there’s that word again!) Purpose.

How one defines prosperity is a matter of knowing one’s purpose. Before my journey, I would have defined prosperity as simply having more income, while not properly allocating my spending to the right sources. Then I ran into a formula in my studies =  “Y.D.I.L” .    Y = You, Inc ( invest in yourself first at all times.) | D = pay off debt, primarily consumer and bank loans/cards | I = Invest ( build a foundation starting with bullion metals & other hard assets, along with sticking to sectors that will be stable in inflationary times; then, go up the staircase from there. ) | finally, there’s L = Lifestyle  ( Q: who are the “Joneses“, and why do we/you want to keep up with them?  Being ‘consumerist‘ and having ‘affluenza‘ only hurt your ability to be prosperous! )

Then, the capstone.  Freedom.  In ‘FreedomShift’ , Mr. DeMille, spent some time near the end of his previous book discussing the ‘Eight Meanings’ that summarize this well known word:

  • political freedoms
  • economic freedoms
  • religious freedoms
  • national security
  • individual freedoms (privacy)
  • freedom of the presswe
  • academic freedom (freedom of thought)
  • social justice
Think of how often so many of us simply take these eight for granted, trading them for comfort, affluence, security, or idleness.  A fish knows his environment is water and a bowl;  many Westerners ( esp. Americans ) think freedom will always be there, like the fish thinks the water she swims in. Fortunately, by being on this self-directed education x leadership journey in my own life, wrapped around serving others through my business, I came to realize that freedom is the capstone desire, however, we need to actively educate people on its deep seated importance and how we will forever miss it if we continue to absent minded-ly trade it away or outsource things to the aristocracy/elites.
Much gratitude to everyone who reads this post & all best regards in your LIFE!
**   [  this is the book that Oliver DeMille cross referenced in his final chapter of his book, ‘1913‘ ]

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