Jul 042015

‘Ruth’ (Pastor @StephenDDavey) ~~~> Pastor Davey is not only a true servant leader of his church in North Carolina; he’s also a terrific author whose ‘Wisdom Commentary Series’ of faith books have trusted places on my liber education bookshelves. Recently, another, entitled ‘Esther’ was reviewed;here, Mr. Davey again digs deeply into a sometimes overlooked O/T account to glean many lessons for our modern world, which is quite often lacking in wisdom when it comes to relationships (to wit: look at the surveys about friendship; those of the divorce rates in the western world; and the never ending decline of quality in our mass/major media’s offerings.) This is a truly excellent read about real life men & women: Boaz, Naomi, & Ruth; in fact, on page 10, Davey informs us that this account “… provides the only detailed example in the Bible of the Hebrew ‘goel’ — kinsman redeemer.” He draws from the well of a previous summation of Ruth & Boaz’s relationship penned by J. Vernon McGee, as well as mixing in scripture/verses from the New Testament to ensure that the reader understands just how foundational this man & woman are to what was to come once we entered the years of A.D., after Jesus’ birth. My highlighter was used frequently to ensure that the knowledge shared was easier to apply to my never ending walk of faith and leadership. It’s certainly the case that you will also learn just as much!

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