SJ is the C.E.O (Chief Encouragement Officer), Founder, & Owner of SBSL. He is 39 years old, and has been an entrepreneur in the education field for three and a half years as of the spring of 2015. He resides in central Ohio, and runs SBSL from his home office, which can be his 'home', or any local independent coffee shop, Wi-Fi hotspot, or restaurant near you. He has lived in Ohio his whole life, roughly split between the Cleveland & Columbus metro areas; he plans to move south within the next five years' time. He is single, with no kids, having graduated in 1998 from Ohio Wesleyan University, with a B.A. in Economics/Management (major) + History & Accounting (minors) He is extremely mission driven, with a well defined purpose, vision, and a burning desire to add value to 10,000 peoples' lives over ten years' time. He is blessed and fortunate beyond all measure to have numerous mentors in his life who have shaped his ongoing journey from that of a college student in the mid to late '90s; through multiple jobs in various career tracks in corporate America, and finally, to his present day life as an educational innovator, servant leader, friend, & brother/sister to his fellow Christians. His favorite pastimes/hobbies are traveling; reading ( over 190 paperback & audio books in the past five years' time ); listening & watching inspirational content ( DVD, mp3, audio CD, streaming video, You Tube ); volunteering at his home church; connecting people who may not otherwise have met in the course of time; and being an encourager, edifier, & advocate for all whom he knows.

Mar 222017

Educational Phases of Entrepreneurship: How to Create and Sustain Your Success | Innovate New Albany | New Albany, Ohio:

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