Nov 132014

… of results.

This post is a quick compilation of some especially powerful quotes which have come across my line of sight in recent weeks.

Study them, think about what they mean in depth, and apply. Knowledge learned and not acted upon isn’t a full equation.

During a persons’ lifetime, there are only a couple of opportunities that come your way. If you possess the courage and self confidence to grasp them, they can change your life.

– Lou Holtz

… Our actions are directly connected to our thoughts … you must begin at the level of your thoughts. Seek to isolate the thoughts that lead to the wrong way of speaking.

– Stuart Scott

Look within. Within is the foundation of good, and it will ever bubble up, if thou wilt ever dig.

– Marcus Aurelius

Iron rusts from disuse; water loses its purity from stagnation… even so does inaction sap the vigor of the mind.

– Leonardo da Vinci

When you walk to the edge of all the light you have and take that first step into the darkness of the unknown, you must believe that one of two things will happen: There will be something solid for you to stand upon, or, you will be taught how to fly.

– Patrick Overton

Nov 082014

When you think of where you are in life at this present time, which of these word(s) best reflect your …

Financial life?

Business/entrepreneurial knowledge?

Your leadership ability?

Your view of what education is/should be?

Something else not already mentioned?

This concept is nothing new, mind you, however, in recent years, I’ve seen it applied not to technology ( see: here or consumer behavior, but to how folks adopt to change & thought. It’s the latter that forms the core of this post today.

For instance, when it comes to education and understanding that it is a much better investment to invest in a self directed (liber/leadership, or classical) model, much of the thinking and mindset would appear to be either housed in the late majority or laggards ‘category’. The prevalent thought is that if you’re going to be educated, you have to have a piece of paper, known as a credential, in order to show the world what you know, or should know.

Yet, when one studies the past, it’s quite clear that the best and most impactful men & women who have made the most ripples in the pages of history are those who were self-directed learners/students. They learned much of what they applied through owning books and other material which they replied upon to get them through the valleys ( loss, setbacks, hurdles, obstacles ) , as well as the peaks ( advancements, discovery, new visions, victories ).

I’d contend that you’d be an early adopter if you see clearly how valuable a leadership education is when compared to the more ingrained & ‘traditional’ model. The innovators ( such as this man or him ) already have carved out new territory and staked ground on which many others can tread.

Let’s use the above example to cap off this post.

Suggestion for all who read this? Please take what you’ve learned & as ‘homework’, apply the wording to other areas ( whether I listed them above, or its something else all together )

Thank you, as always, for reading this blog & be exceptional in all you do!