Apr 072014

Affirmers are a rare breed, yet men & women who fit into this blessed group are those who cheerlead, encourage, smile, & generally add value to our dark world. Candles are the beacon of light that we all can follow into the darkness …

Evaluation has its purposes, albeit it limited. When you evaluate, you often are doing more of the talking, far more assuming, & your heart is, as we learned from the Grinch, far too small …

From a book which will be reviewed in more detail on my other blog, I gladly share some of the wonderful nuggets of wisdom, truth, brightness, & joy that came from it.

“Real affirmers are always searching for ways to improve their hearing. Evaluators are always talking.”

“Being a true balcony person and a dedicated affirmer is vastly different. Balcony people listen and then, instead of tearing down others, they build them up.”

“We will only bring wholeness when we approach evaluating from the balcony position.”

“Once we come face to face with our own imperfections, our own limitations, and our own humanity, we have little room to talk about someone else’s.”

“In evaluators, the listening mindset is generally fixed at 100 percent something.”

“Affirmers, balcony people who love and listen from the heart, do so with much Spandex; and consequently, they hear between the words.”

“The best man in the world is the man who helps himself, and the only way to help one’s self is to help others.”

“Your care for others is the measure of your greatness.”

Wow. Sharing information can and always has much potential to be life changing. Think all of the above through, and through again, and see what impact is has in your upcoming dealings with others who cross your life’s pathways.

God Bless.