Aug 292012

This post’s content is fully credited to an award winning blogger, leadership mind, and best selling author, Mr. Chris Brady.

He recently did a talk on toughness and courage.  Out of it, came this ‘doctrine’ with 11 core principles to apply to our lives, each & every day. The content is of gold medal quality, so I transcribed it & am paying it forward here in the blogosphere. All best to you, each & every day!



The 11 are ….

Life is NOT and NEVER will be fair.  Leaders understand this inwardly and intuitively and deal with it.

Leadership is an inside job.  No one is responsible for motivating you, EXCEPT you.When you find your ‘pilot light’, feed it oxygen consistently and constantly; fan the flames of your dreams!

Expect obstacles and problems.  It’s how you respond that always counts; remain calm — ‘this, too, shall pass.’

Success is NEVER easy.  However, it is ALWAYS worth it. Things that we do not earn, we give little or no esteem.

It’s a long climb from the bottom & a short drop from the top.  You’ve NEVER arrived. Avoid hubris!   Be the same “you” as you were before as you move forward.

Winners play hurt.   They push through the pain, struggle, grow, fail, get back up, …

It’s always worth it be a hero.  Stand for something, stay in the gap. Don’t back down.

To be tough, you must find your courage.  Jump out of the nest to lead and to grow yourself.

Tough doesnt mean: Cold hearted, mean, dogmatic, bossy, or pushy.  It DOES mean – loving, tenderness, kindness towards your family & friends.

The role of leadership requires the uniform of thick skin. Be prepared for critics, cynics, and skepticism. 

Purpose is the KEY ( to all this ). You must be tough in the name of SOMETHING. 


There can be no peace without justice ( = tyranny ). And, even more importantly, there is never justice without a fight.
We are not a free country because of the founding documents alone.  Please remember this – every day.