Jul 142012
Living the LIFE

It took me a while to begin my leadership journey, however, as I’ve embarked on it these past 2+ years (with a turbo boost starting late last October!), I came to realize that a life well lived is not shaped by your vocation/career/job, but rather by mostly intangible things, such as your purpose, a servant’s heart/blessings, & legacy.

Living the Life [you’ve always wanted], therefore, is far from a slogan, a tagline, or a concept. It is purely driven through and by Level 3 motivation, as described in the landmark best seller, ‘Launching a Leadership Revolution’ by Chris Brady & Orrin Woodward.  A very succinct equation, then, would be : Level 3 > Level 2 > Level 1.  Each one can and does build on the other, yet, it is Level 3 that has the most impact, or, to coin John Maxwell, it would be part & parcel of ‘The Law of Explosive Growth’ . Have a fantastic day & thank you for reading my blog!

Mastering the Five Levels of Influence