Jun 282012
Today's Spotlighted Quote

You don’t build trust by talking about it. You build it by achieving results, always with integrity and in a manner that shows real personal regard for the people with whom you work.

– Craig Weatherup


The book, ‘Trust‘, by Les Csorba, is an absolute winner and ties in perfectly with this quote. You can find my recommendation of this book from the fall/winter of 2011 at my other blog,  http://tumblr.com/follow/thisrascallovesfreedom




Jun 252012
Dendrology, Success, & Soil


What does ‘dendrology’ mean, you might ask?  And if you already haven’t Googled/Bing’ed, or otherwise looked it up, how does it apply to success? This post will only scratch the highest of the high levels re: the connection between these two seemingly unrelated words;  first, I have linked to Jon Gordon’s weekly e-letter from a couple months back and secondly, I have included Wikipedia’s write up re: the former word http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dendrology to lay the foundation for this brief post.


What I see in this ‘puzzle’ is to conclude that in order to be successful, one has to develop roots into fertile soil. The soil of one’s mind ‘garden’ is one such location to till; just as the soil of one’s environment (i.e., with whom do you associate daily?) is another. Yet a third is the soil of your inputs; just what are you putting into your mind on a daily basis?  Quality rules, here. And suffice to say, to any impartial observer, TV, whether broadcast, cable, satellite, or streaming, simply has very little quality in our day and age. Personally, I unplugged my TV, using it only for the occasional DVD from my top 10 collection, and have replaced 1:1 with reading & blogging positive value into the lives of others.


To sum up: Your dendrology of success is easily changed by the nutrients in the soil of your life .


Blessings to all.

Jun 212012



This post’s purpose is to link the readers/subscribers of my blog back to my Amazon app on LinkedIn where I keep track of my books in three categories :  Those which I’ve read/recommended; those which I own, and haven’t yet read; and, those which I don’t yet own, nor have read.

The bookshelf picture I uploaded a few posts ago will be updated periodically as I add books from the last category to the middle 🙂


Jun 202012

“Your mind doesn’t care about what you want—or what you’re willing to work hard for. It only cares that you perform in accordance with what you expect of yourself. ( you don’t get in life what you want; you don’t get in life what you deserve; but you ALWAYS get what you expect. )”

Richard Brooke
Jun 172012



I have found much value in reading this e-letter when it arrives every Monday morning; it’s a wonderful way to begin a new week with renewed mental fitness.  Definitely worth the 2 minutes to sign up & the ~10 minutes to review it once a week – unquestionably.